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We base our social media marketing approach on personalisation and in-depth brand understanding.

We discover what makes your brand and business unique, and listen to you, to turn it into something valuable that people can find through your social media presence.

The problem in today’s crowded digital channel is that many websites are listed, but very little of them actually convert sales. To have a business that works digitally, you need to have a website that stands out.

Websites that can easily be found also help your brand to stand out. It helps to direct your sales to come from a main door: your personalised website. We help plan and design how your website should work for, represent, and elevate your brand to gain more traction.

Our ads management approach is a little different than the others because we start from the initial investment from you as brand owners. How much you’re willing to invest for ads will help us get a creative space to work on your ads.

We focus on what your target audiences want from your industry, then craft a message that is relevant enough for them to choose your business. With our ads management approach, we are able to convert sales up to 200%, with an engagement rate up to 1000%.

Organic SEO is another tool in our disposal to increase and maintain your brand presence. In Sosiakita, we do organic SEO through the creation of article or blog content that will help you boost your presence in search engines (Google).

We will plan the relevant keywords and put it in the articles to help your website get to the first page of Google search. Organic SEO is maintainable and low-cost compared to paid SEO.

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